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-====== Requirements ======+====== Development pages for the new version of run-tests.php  ======
-The initial requirements for the project are described[[|here]]. Other requirements will be added as list items here with detailed descriptions (where necessary) added to the requirements documentation.+These are the development pages for the new version of run-tests.phpthe code which runs .phpt tests
-  * Be able to skip whole directories with one check +  * [[|Requirements]] 
-  * Provide the same functionality as REDEIRECTTESTnot necessarily using the current design +Initial requirements are listed here, additional ones will be added as we find them. 
-  * Provide an API so thatthe code can be used n=by other applications (from Greg Beaver).+  * [[|Development]] 
 +If you are interested in in looking at the codefixing bugs, understanding how it is tested etc. This is the section that you need. 
 +  * [[|Documentation]] 
 +This is developer documentation, it contains information for people who work on and maintain the code 
 +  * [[|How to run the code]] 
 +This is for users, there are instructions for checking out runnning the code. 
 +  * [[|To do lists]] 
 +This is our current list of development items. 
 +  * [[|Decisions]] 
 +Sometimes we have made a decision not to re-implement a feature of run-tests or to do something differently. The reasons for making such decions are recorded here. 
 +  * [[|QA status]] 
 +Compatibility with the old version and checking that the parallel code gives the same results as sequential code are both important. The most recent state of testing is given here. 
 +  * [[|FAQs]]
-More documentation and source code can be found here [[|here]]. 
-====== ToDo & who ====== 
-  * Add a check for 5.3 only (Georg - done, 6th may) 
-  * Implement valgrind (high priority from Nuno) 
-  * Implement CGI tests (Zoe) 
-    * GET (done, 27 April) 
-    * POST (done 28th April) 
-    * POST_RAW (done 3rd May) 
-    * GZIP_POST (done 28th April) 
-    * DEFLATE_POST (done 28th April) 
-    * EXPECTHEADERS (done May) 
-    * COOKIE (done 3rd May) 
-  * Implement FILE_EXTERNAL (Georg, done) 
-  * Prototype parallel running (Georg - first prototype committed) 
-  * Replace the test status array with a status object (Zoe - done, 8th June) 
-===== TODOs 30th June ===== 
-  * Run sequential groups within in Georg's schedulers (G - Done) 
-  * Write whole object to disk (check timing differences, if none leave as it, otherwise Win/Lin versions) (G - Done) 
-  * Refactor output writer - and task test group and task receiver. (G - Done) 
-  * Focus more on QA 
-     * Assemble a set of standard tests (Z - Done, see QA/QATESTS.tgz + README) 
-     * Checkin results for running them with old version and current version of our code (Z, done. See LinuxQAJuly18) 
-     * Write phing task to compare them (S - done) 
-     * Always run Unit tests before checkin (All) 
-     * Add new unit test whenever we find a problem (All) 
-     * Always check output for notices and warnings (All) 
-  * Always do clean checkout, never use cvs up (All) 
-  * Use rtException everywhere, get rid of other exception classes (Z - not done) 
-===== TODOs 22nd July ===== 
-  * Investigate CI server (S) 
-  * Tidy wiki and put together a set of doc pages (Z) (Note: user doc to go on wiki first, final destination undecided) 
-  * Use rtException everywhere, get rid of other exception classes (Z) 
-  * Research REDIRECTTEST (S) 
-  * Run existing code on Windows (S) 
-  * Fix up any remaining test fails on S and G systems (Z) 
-  * Start writing documentation for parallel code on wiki (G) 
-  * Run some more extensive tests/experiments with parallel code (G, Z&S to provide introductions) 
-  * Implement valgrind (Z) 
-====== Record of development decisions ====== 
-  * Use the [[|PEAR coding standard]] (22/04/2009 - see php-qa list for concerns) 
-  * Deviation from the standard: Do not use _ prefix for private members. (Reason: too much re-work to existing code) 
-  * We prefix classnames with rt (Reason: avoid name conflicts with built-in PHP classes) 
-  * We do not follow the original PEAR class naming scheme   (Reason: we use autoload and name prefixes, so we can keep classnames shorter than DIR_DIR_DIR_CLASS) 
-  * We will not include both File and Class doc blocks. (Reason: Only ever one class per file) 
-This page [[]] (the address is a bit screwy, but I won't change it as I've posted a link to it) has a list of currently implemented options, and whether we will re-implement or not. Yes means we will - blank means not decided, have asked for input on QA list. 
-==== Additional Options ==== 
-  * Run tests in parallel? 
-  * XML or CSV or TXT (to replace HTML) 
-  * Option specify arguments to valgrind 
-====== Things that will not be re-implemented ====== 
-This section is here to record differences between the new and old implementation of run-tests where they affect the excecution of existing tests or the manner in which run-tests.php is executed. 
-The way these are currently implemented the test has to look like this: 
-Some posted content 
-This isn't really necessary. In the new implementation the --GZIP_POST-- section will just contain the content to be posted and gzip'd. Same for DEFLATE_POST.  
-This affects two tests: 
-  * ext/soap/tests/server019.phpt 
-  * ext/soap/tests/server020.phpt 
-====== Subpages ====== 
-  * [[/qa/runtests/configure|configure-options]]  
-  * [[/qa/runtests/runningtests|runningtests]]  
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