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-====== Development pages for the new version of run-tests.php  ====== 
-These are the development pages for the new version of run-tests.php, the code which runs .phpt tests.  
-  * [[|Requirements]] 
-Initial requirements are listed here, additional ones will be added as we find them. 
-  * [[|Documentation]] 
-This is developer documentation, it contains information for people who work on and maintain the code 
-  * [[|How to run the code]] 
-This is for users, there are instructions for checking out runnning and testing. 
-  * [[|To do lists]] 
-This is our current list of development items and the name of the person responsible for each one 
-  * [[|Decisions]] 
-Sometimes we have made a decision not to re-implement a feature of run-tests or to do something differently. The reasons for making such decions are recorded here. 
-  * [[|QA status]] 
-Compatibility with the old version and checking that the parallel code gives the same results as sequential code are both important. The most recent state of testing is given here. 
-  * [[|FAQs]] 
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