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 ===== Alternatives ===== ===== Alternatives =====
   * [[pear:​packages:​opendocument]]   * [[pear:​packages:​opendocument]]
 +===== Who uses it? =====
 +It's pretty darned widely used, because it's unique and mostly works.
 +We see a fair number of relatively inexperienced developers who make use of it (rather than simple alternatives,​ like a CSV), and a smattering of more determined developers who contribute back fixes.
 ===== The original ===== ===== The original =====
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 The problem with this is the fragility involved. The problem with this is the fragility involved.
 +===== How do we tell if patches are any good? =====
 +Well, this is a tricky one.
 +The majority of the users are very enthusiastic,​ but there'​s not much in the way of testing you can do on the changes; nor does casual review really help.
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