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Developers: doconnor, dbezborodow

PEPR proposal

  • Get approval for open sourcing work


  • Swap to PHP5, HTTP_Request2
  • Swap to Interfaces as needed
  • Unit test coverage (mocked out) for all drivers
    • Running into problems here with many providers
      • TrustCommerce seems helpful, speaking to support people, rpeake helping lots!
      • Paypal - TBA
      • Transfirst - TBA
      • Linkpoint uses DTA1), so payment_data / mschutte might be able to help
      • Bibit - TBA
      • AuthorizeNet - TBA
    • Lots of failures, errors and E_NOTICEs from existing drivers
    • Need to improve the test case loaders and what have you
  • Dropping Paycom/Epoch driver
    • Support people won't give access to test environment
    • doconnor has mailed other open source projects which provide paycom drivers to see if he can get test data


  • Add a new driver for an Australian Bank (Payment_Process2_ANZ) 2)
  • Add a new driver for Paygea (Payment_Process2_Paygea) Licences


  • Swap to Exceptions as needed
A popular german banking xml format
needs clearing
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