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Non-PEAR, PHP package deployment through official PEAR channel?

Ryan: My name is Ryan, and I am the developer of CloudFusion[1] — a PHP SDK for working with Amazon Web Services[2]. I'm getting ready to push a new major release, and I've been exploring my options with regard to deploying via a PEAR channel.

I'm keenly interested in avoiding the infrastructure requirements (however minor) of running my own PEAR channel, so I wanted to find out what my options were for getting my package added to the default PEAR channel (despite the fact that CloudFusion is not an official PEAR package). If this sort of thing is discouraged, are there third-party PEAR channels that (a) would be likely to host my package, and (b) have a reliable service/uptime?

Any help or direction would be appreciated. Thanks! :)

cweiske: PEAR itself won't host your package, but you can try pearhub and pearfarm.

doconnor: = insanely easy to do if you've got a scrap of web space anywhere. = pretty easy to do and ends up letting you host on google code

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