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Revamping user comments at

Possible mentor: Philip Olson

This task involves rethinking how we handle user comments at This is mainly (only, currently) done within the PHP manual but it could leak into other areas like at

The first task involves defining what a user note is (or should be). Is an example that happens to use strlen() a fine user note for the strlen() documentation? Are examples even appropriate user notes? Is the current moderation system working? Many other questions will arise.


There has been some discussion.



Baby steps: step A, moderation flags

This involves a simple user notes moderation flag option. Users can flag notes as “bad”, which prompts a moderator to look into it. Users do not need to login, but if not logged in, must answer a recaptcha or similar.

How it will probably work
  1. User clicks on “flag”
  2. Popup is created
    1. Checks if logged in
    2. If not logged in, prompts reCaptcha
  3. Popup now has several options, including:
    1. A button to submit the flag, with no details
    2. Or optionally allow entering details such as name, email, textarea reason for flag, select box reason for flag
  4. Flagged notes generate email to a list, and also find themselves listed in a web admin panel.
    1. People can subscribe to receive these emails?
  5. Moderator takes action, which includes current options (delete/reject/modify) as well as others like unflag.
  6. If note flag is accepted (e.g., deleted), should we notify the user via email? Or list via email?

Notes about the current system

The current system was written in the 90's, and contains files spread out in several places throughout the PHP project.


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