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The search capabilities of require improvement.

How it works today

Most of the work search performs is done offsite via although many features are internal too.

  • There are many different types of search (function list, online documentation, entire mirror, etc.)
  • The url search ( performs alternative actions (see including optional use of the sqlite database
  • Several file_exists() checks are performed, but using and/or sqlite decreases the chances of this
  • Typically a Yahoo search is performed for the domain index

Some files of interest (todo: explain each files purpose):

How it may work tomorrow

A few possible changes:

  • Add a mashup search result option (default?) that both suggests functions and does a mirror search
  • Integrate magic into the search
  • Track when we choose the page for them (ex: search for strlen goes to its functions page) and offer a “Did you mean foo() or bar()?” snippet
  • Write an sqlite wrapper so we won't require ref.sqlite (thus allowing more mirrors to utilize the sqlite based search) See: phpnetsearchsqlite
  • Take into account language when doing a search (do not show fr/ results when language en/ is chosen)
  • Consider alternative my.php options including preferred default search method
  • Use SearchMonkey results to present meaningful information about search hits
  • Research usage of Yahoo Search BOSS

Other notes

  • On May 5, 2009 the default search type changed from 'function list' to 'online documentation' but after feedback was changed back within 3 days
  • This topic should also be discussed while the site is redesigned (2009)
  • Roughly 17% of mirrors have pdo_sqlite but not ext/sqlite (we only use ext/sqlite currently)
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