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   * //tokens//: "Undocumented constants/syntax/reference" ([[|note]])   * //tokens//: "Undocumented constants/syntax/reference" ([[|note]])
 +  * //function.dns-get-record//: "Note that if you check a non-existing domain you will get ..." ([[|note]])
 +  * //arrayobject.offsetset//: "If $index is null, $newval is naturally pushed onto the end of the array as ArrayObject::append" ([[|note]])
 +  * //mysqli.prepare//: "All data must be fetched before a new statement prepare" ([[|note]])
 +  * //function.imagesetthickness//: "Apparently imagesetthickness doesn't work if antialiasing is set to true." ([[|note]])
 +  * //function.session//: "if you try to name a php session "" it gets converted to "example_com" and everything breaks." ([[|note]])
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