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PhD -- Building the PHP manuals of the future

PhD takes PHP Manual sources (DocBook) and outputs a beautiful manual for all to see. It's generic enough to work on projects too.

If you have questions, add it to the FAQ.

PhD Setup (N/A)


  • autoconf
  • configure/configure.php
  • bunch of scripts in the scripts/ directory
PhD Build (N/A)

Replaces the `test`, `test_xml` `.manual.xml` make targets (i.e. builds the `.manual.xml` file and validates it).

PhD Renderer (Beta)

Takes the .manual.xml and generates ~6000 php files, ~6000 html files and one bightml.html file. In the future it will also generate CHM and PDF files.

Where to get



PHP exts

These are all enabled by default in PHP.

  • libxml2
  • xmlreader
  • dom


Because the builder is not done, we still use the current system to build the .manual.xml file. An example use of PhD today (See `phd -h` for more options):

NOTE: You need to install PhD first; pear install

$ cvs co phpdoc
$ cd phpdoc
$ php configure.php
$ phd -d .manual.xml

This will create

  • “php” directory containing the “phpweb” files
  • “html” direcotry containing the “downloadable chunked html” files
  • “bightml.html” file, which is the “downloadable bightml” file

See the “Viewing the results” for various ways of viewing the rendered files.

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