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-==== PhD -- Building the PHP manuals of the future ​==== +==== PhD -- Building the PHP manual with PHP ==== 
-PhD takes PHP Manual sources (DocBook) and outputs ​a beautiful manual for all to see. It's generic enough to work on projects ​too.+PhD takes the PHP Manual sources (DocBook) and outputs ​the various forms of the PHP Manual. It's generic enough to work on projects, although that part is not perfect.
-If you have questions, add it to the [[doc:​phd:​faq|FAQ]].+If you have questions, add them to the [[doc:​phd:​faq|FAQ]].
 == PhD Setup (N/A) ==  == PhD Setup (N/A) == 
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 == PhD Renderer (Beta) ==  == PhD Renderer (Beta) == 
-Takes the .manual.xml and generates ~6000 php files~6000 html files and one bightml.html file. +Takes the .manual.xml ​(the file configure.php creates, which is the entire manual as one valid XML file) and generates ​several possible formats and themes for each translation including:​ 
-This also generates CHM and PDF files.+  * The theme (phpweb): ​~6000 php files 
 +  * HTML: ~6000 html files 
 +  * HTML: One bightml.html file 
 +  * PDF: PDF versions, either as one or several ​PDF files 
 +  * CHM: The CHM files 
 +  * MAN: Man pages
 ==== Where to get ==== ==== Where to get ====
   * Definitive Guide: [[http://​​phd/​docs/​]]   * Definitive Guide: [[http://​​phd/​docs/​]]
-  * Source: [[​viewvc.cgi/phd/]]+  * Source: [[​viewvc/​phd/​]]
   * [[doc:​phd:​install|Installation docs]]   * [[doc:​phd:​install|Installation docs]]
-  * Demo: [[​manual/​]] +  * Demo: [[http://​​manual/​]] 
-  * Bugs: [[http://​​search.php?​cmd=display&​status=Open&​bug_type%5B%5D=Doc+Build+problem|PhD Bugs at]]+  * Bugs and feature requests: [[http://​​search.php?​cmd=display&​status=Open&​bug_type%5B%5D=Doc+Build+problem|PhD Bugs at]]
 ==== Requirements ==== ==== Requirements ====
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 === PHP exts === === PHP exts ===
-These are all enabled by default ​in PHP 5.+Required, but enabled by default ​as of PHP 5:
   * libxml2   * libxml2
   * xmlreader   * xmlreader
   * dom   * dom
 +  * Haru (or PDF)
 ==== Usage ==== ==== Usage ====
-Because the builder is not done, we still use the current system to build the .manual.xml file. An example use of PhD today (See `phd -h` for more options):+Because the builder is incomplete, we still use the current system to build the huge .manual.xml file. An example use of PhD today (See `phd -h` for more options):
 NOTE: You need to [[doc:​phd:​install|install PhD]] first. NOTE: You need to [[doc:​phd:​install|install PhD]] first.
 <code bash> <code bash>
-cvs -d:pserver:​​repository ​co phpdoc+svn co​repository/​phpdoc/​modules/​doc-en ​phpdoc
 $ cd phpdoc $ cd phpdoc
-$ php configure.php +$ php doc-base/configure.php 
-$ phd -d .manual.xml+$ phd -d doc-base/.manual.xml ​-o output_dir -f php -P PHP
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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 See the "​[[doc/​phd/​view|Viewing the results]]"​ for various ways of viewing the rendered files. See the "​[[doc/​phd/​view|Viewing the results]]"​ for various ways of viewing the rendered files.
-==== TODO / Planning ==== 
-  * Use PEAR style class naming and class locations 
-  * Split up into different packages: phd core, phd xhtml, phd pdf, and theme packages 
-  <​del>​* Remove dependency on version.xml as it's possible with pear themes</​del>​ 
-  * "so I could do pear install phd && pear install phd-xhtml && pear install phd-peardoc or pear install phd-all to install everything"​ 
 +==== TODO / Planning ====
 +  * See the [[doc/​todo/​phd]] page
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