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Installing PhD

The preferred method is using the pear channel, but all methods are documented below.

Using the PEAR Channel

Using a PEAR channel first requires the systems PEAR installation to discover it, so this only has to be done once.

$ pear channel-discover

Next, install PhD. At the time of this writing the latest version of PhD is in beta so the -beta tag is used below:

$ pear install

If by chance you already installed PhD by other means then be sure to uninstall that version first.

Using PEAR directly

Installing by using a specific tarball is possible too, but is not recommended.

$ pear install

Using CVS

Getting the code:

$ cvs co phd

Install and run from CVS:

$ cd phd
$ pear install -f package.xml

Alternately you can (although not recommended) run PhD directly from CVS, without needing to install it:

$ cd phd
$ php build.php -d/path/to/phpdoc/.manual.xml
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